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Antique Restoration


Our principle restorer Nigel, has over 28 years experience, attended courses at Hereford Technical College in traditional furniture making, also gaining a BAFRA recognised craftmanʼs diploma in Nottingham back in 1991 with mentor Alfred Fry, (BAFRA's leading expert in the field of antique restoration). Shortly after Nigel started an antique restoration business. Since that time, he has enjoyed restoring many tired or damaged items back to former glory, ranging from vintage car dashboards, grand pianos, through to 17th & 18th century family heirlooms for many satisfied clients, including top interior decorators, large country house estates, collectors, celebrities, The National Trust, Euro Disney (Disney family's private quarters) etc.


Specialising in traditional french polishing, colouring, wax finishing and specialist paint finishes and cabinetwork. Nigel's ethos has always been to use traditional methods and materials during the restoration process, and to retain the patina (or natural ageing), preserving wherever possible the originality and integrity of the piece, and avoiding at all costs over restoring as so many people are guilty of doing. The art of good restoration is to take a piece in a poor state, and transform it into the best possible condition in such a way that it should appear that it has never been touched and is simply in execeptional condition.

Concentrating on conservation and the care of antique furniture, it has long been apparent of the importance of recycling and the restoration of good quality vintage and antique furniture, and in doing so helping to reduce the impact of disposable products on the environment.

Feeling privileged to have worked on such a variety of antiques, and for Nigel often the most enjoyable aspect of the antique furniture business, itʼs only natural to have gained an almost romantic fascination and wonder of the personal stories that these historical items hold, he is particularly passionate about timeless pieces made individually by skilled craftspeople who took huge pride in their work.

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